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Saint Tropez

Cultural visits

The town was founded under the name of Heraclea ( long time ago ) and was renamed Saint-Tropez in 1801. The place became " legendary with actress " Brigitte Bardot " in the 60's. Tourists and celebrities ,like to stroll through the charming old streets, visiting beaches or to see the huge yachts situated in the old harbor . With its vibrant nightlife and huge villas around the old town,one can might fear overexploitation of the town in high season, but Saint-Tropez knows keep her charm out of season. The sandy beaches of the peninsula and the renowned museums such as the Annunciation Museum with collections of Paul Signac, Braque, Matisse, Utrillo, Van Dongen, Bonnard, Dufy .. .The butterfly house is worth a visit. Early morning the "Place aux Herbes", a small market square, offers vegetables, fruits and flowers next to the marina where some fishermen still sell their fishes, near famous breweries "The Gorilla" and "Sénéquier." A typical Provencal market " is situated every Tuesday and Saturday morning on the Place of the Strings. " The Bravado " of Saint- Tropez, is very lively. The first " bravado " religious and festive processions begin in May, and the final takes place on June 15th.

Distance : 25km
Contact : http://www.saint-tropez.fr
Follow the road D559 to the east.